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TO Stars Hide Fire:
Adam, Chris, Danny, I held you all at the highest regard, along with Alex and now to toss him aside, it kills me. Good luck digging out of this hole which I'm sure shouldnt be a problem seeing how shallow bands make it big when they kick out a talented and good person with the mic(FTTL anyone). Follow don't lead, abide by the standards don't set them. Congrats, Alex was a truly talented and good person, kind to everyone in the scene, so thank you so much for riding us of his heart on his sleeve give it all he had stage presence and voice, it was troublesome. Give it up for backstabbing come on clap it up everyone. Thank you Alex for your time in the band, you made it what it is, this is a shame. Score one for individuality.

in other news, the downtown singapore, aberdien tour is moving along.. slowly, i also now need three dates for race the sun and madison...
my personal life is good kelsey is getting better by the day from her tonsil surgery and well i work too much, i love my girlfriend

Downtown Singapore (they're good kissers)
My American Heart (gonna be good kissers)
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so.. what to say, we've done it, we've shot ourselves in the leg, W. is back for four more, awesome.


civil freedoms are bush's best friends: the patriot act (read it and you'll understand)not to mention, gay mariage, or womans rights with a woman's right to choose

united foreign countries.... umm i think we're having alittle trouble with that at home

truth... so those weapons of mass destruction, umm just curious where might those be found, well not in Iraq and i was under the impression thats why we went to war there, ooohhh yea right it is but oh wait thank you UN for bringing out the truth when our current and now future leader and his adminstration was deep in self rightous denial about this war, halliburton keep up the good work mr. cheney has one hell of a lucrative 401k to retire on

education & the economy, keep up the good work, ignorance is bliss

gotta love the enviroment

on another note, go fucking mtv 20 millon loud my fucking ass, to all you uber punks oui oui oui im sure at least a third of you didnt even fucking vote, your so goddamn political well at least you something to complain about for the next 4 years

another note: middle america, let me be the one to imform you, voting on a canidate or incumbant's personal belives just because they are similar to your own does nothing. the ajenda for the bush administration does nothing for middle to lower class working family's albeit you go to the same church he once attended but im sorry he isn't looking out for you too much, your not making the required $250k+ a year to join the bushie club, health care is gonna go up, ss will dry up courtisy of his war in Iraq, and that tax cut is going to a very minimal amount of citizens, but hey what do i know.

also stem cell research will no longer be nessacary to advance medical studies in america allows us to please regress as using a fertilized egg for science to potentialy saves thousands of lives is ending the live of a potential life, but its cool to throw them out, hmm makes perfect sense doesn't it, clear as a window of concrete.

this is not a very organized statement, but it is a piece of my mind and not just useless babbling, i stand strong in my believes, i stand strong in what i know, i am not super liberal nor am i super anti conservative, i see things very bi-partisanly, unfortantly that can not be said for the president of this country, say what you will to me i do not care i will respond in a professional manor and not out right attack as im sure im bound to have occur to me. but oh well god bless america my ass, god bless me and help us through the third world war and the surrender of our own personal liberities in exchance for fighting for freedom in foreign lands.

i love kelsey
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from now on, this is the journal of TBK |Booking|Productions|Clothing| and any personal entries will be locked yo, on that note check it...



TOKYO ROSE(SideCho Records)






more info: TBKOnline

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justin snores

ok i havent updated in hmm weeks now and the last one doesnt really count, but oh well heres the deal i had the time of my life at the beach cause i was with kelsey and waking up next to her every morning twas incredible, i got a weird tan/burn thing on my chest it was super hot... i dont like being home i miss faling asleep next to her... justin tatnell lives with me now... i dont like my current job, i might be going back to my old one...my armpits burn...but you know what i am still incredibly happy every day i wake up becuase of her.

i love you kelsey
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creme savers are tasty

first update in a while now yo.... my life has been muy bueno as of late lottas time with kelsey, new really good job, show on the 19th went well, warped tour soon, and then the beach with kelsey good times .... but once again david zimmerman has proved to be the biggest piece of shit ive ever met along with some other ppl whom will remain nameless two faced pricks can all die for all i care but any ways...... life is muy muy bueno im not worried about the bullshit i rise above it, i have too much good going on to worry about petty little things like that becuase you know what i am deeply in love with this girl i love kelsey so much and she makes my days incredible but now i must sleep i have work early in the morning

zimmerman(AIM: strik00, winnerbytapout, paintballwelt, socaplyr00, IM him its fun) to you:

"to hell with you and all your friends, to hell with you its on"--TBS
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where you want to be

i got the new TBS cd its.... well its really good.... but its not a taking back sunday album, its adams voice with freds echo and then cool guitar parts but its lost the feel of tbs there are different tones to everything and the style has changed and not for the better but i mean i dunno i like it but its just not 100%, i still love adams voice its incredible as ever but its missing a certin energy and emotion and its missing one of the better new songs ive heard "Follow The Format" oh well let me know what you think ....

on a side note im very happy with things right now i honestly couldnt be happier then i have been the past two days minus all the work..... i love you kelsey

check out Royden they're sick i cant get enough
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